Friday, September 9, 2011

Letter Trays- Aa

     I know I haven't posted in a while but we have been busy working:)  Here is a closer look at my letter trays.  I start with the letter Aa.  How long does Sugar Bear spend on each letter tray?  While it depends.  The letter Aa she got right away and we moved to the next letter by the end of the week.  Below is a closer look at everything on the tray.

I like the puzzle match up first because there is a control for error, meaning you know you have it right when the pieces fit together.  I introduce them as Capital A and lower case a.  I got the alphabet puzzle from Zulily for like 7.99 and the paper pieces I got from a book I had in my classroom when I was teaching.

Sandpaper Letter with objects.  I got the sandpaper letter from Montessori Outlet but you can make them yourself.  The objects are: apple, alphabet blocks, alligator, and astronaut (not pictured but just got it).  When I introduce vowels I like to start with the short vowels first then move to the long vowels later.

Beginning sound picture cards.  I got these from Montessori Print shop.

Letter booklets.  I got the pictures from a phonics clip art book from Scholastic.  They had a $1 ebooks so I got this for the purpose of creating these booklets.

Once Sugar Bear gets some more sounds I will combine the different activities so she will have to sort them according to beginning sounds.  I will post what this will look like once we get a few more sounds.