Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toy Tuesday

Since my children have a ton of toys, I thought I would share which toys they love to play with and which they don't like.  Hopefully, I can keep up with posting every Tuesday with different toys we have.  For my first post I will start with my DS's (dear son) favorite toy.

The Walk N Roll push toy from Plan Toys

My son loves this toy.  He has been pushing/ pulling it around the house for a few months now.  The toy says for 19+months but its perfect for children who can walk (my DS is now 15 months old).  *Warning:  there are small balls located inside the cylinder.  The balls could be a choking hazard

What I like about this toy:
I like this toy better than the Popcorn popper toy because its made out of wood.  I have been trying to limit the amount of plastic toys in my house so when I saw this toy I got really excited about it since it was wooden and a lot like the popular Popcorn popper toy.

Another thing I like about this toy is unlike the popcorn popper toy there is no spring that makes the toy 'Pop."  If you have ever seen the popcorn popper you know there is a spring and if that spring breaks or gets stuck then the toy will not pop.  The Walk N Roll doesn't have a spring in it, instead the balls are free to roll around inside and bang up against the wooden parts to make its noise. 

What I dislike about this toy:
The only thing I don't like about it is that it is really loud.    

According to Amazon the Walk N Roll by Plan Toys retails for $35.99 compared to the Fisher-Price Corn Popper which retails for $15.99 (I've seen them cheaper). 

Is it worth it:
All in all I love this toy.  My children love playing with this toy.  To me its worth the money.  We have a Fisher-Price Corn popper and it collects dust at my house.  The Walk N Roll is played with almost everyday.  Its as loud now as it was when they got it for Christmas. 

                                        Here is a video of my DS playing with the Walk N Roll.

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