Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Sensory Tub

Yes, I realized that I did not post what was on our shelves for September or the Sensory Tub for September too.  Sorry!  Here is our Sensory Tub for October.

What is inside:
Black Beans
Black Cauldrons (from Target last year)
Skeleton Heads (from Michaels)
Colorful Insects (from Dollar Tree)
Eyeballs (from Michaels)
Skeleton Hand (from Michaels)
Pumpkin (from Michaels)
Shovel Spoon (from Montessori Services)
Plastic tub (from Walmart its Tupperware)

Little Man (18 months) loved the Sensory Tub.  He was trying very hard to scoop up the black beans and put them in the cauldrons.  I would not leave him alone with this work but Sugar Bear does great without me sitting right next to her.

It was so much easier for him to use his hands to scoop up the black beans.

I encouraged him to try the shovel spoon again.  Side note, he held onto the eyeball for a long time.

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