Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tot School- yogurt and blocks

     Little Man (17 months) is really into putting things in containers or bottles so I made him this little work.  I took an empty yogurt container and cut some holes into the top.  The blocks I got at Target in the $1 section this month.  Once I introduced this work to Little Man, he didn't put it down for almost 45 minutes.  I have a feeling he would have kept working but it was time for bed. 

     I cut out holes the shape of the cubes.  The hole on the left will allow the cubes to go in any way but the one on the right only lets the cube go in one way.  Little Man does a great job with the one on the left but the one on the right took him some time to figure it out.

     Towards the end of working with this Little Man figured out how to take the lid off and get the cubes out.  Now, putting the lid back on is another story.   

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