Sunday, July 10, 2011

Corks in a bottle variation

     Little Man (he is almost 16 months)  has been enjoying his corks in a juice bottle work.  He spent about 25 minutes on it the first time I showed him this work.  The next day Little Man went into the living room and brought back the Melissa and Doug Pound a Peg toy.  

     I showed him how the pegs fit into the juice bottle and he spent the next 15 minutes putting the corks and the pegs into the juice bottle.  Today, we went over to my parents house and they have a huge class water bottle (this is where I got my corks from).

     The kids started putting the corks in the bottle.  Then they decided to put the bottle on its side and put the corks in that way.  With this type of bottle one cannot just drop the cork in but you have to push it in to get the cork to drop into the bottle.  This was an easy skill for Sugar Bear to get but Little Man took a few tries to get the corks to first fit into the opening and then to get them to drop.

Sugar Bear handing Little Man some corks.

Sugar Bear showing Little Man how to push the cork into the bottle.


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