Saturday, July 23, 2011

When we feel blue

     A couple of weeks ago everyone in the house started to feel a little under the weather.  We all had a runny nose and a nasty cough.  To help us get through this I went to my local Whole Foods store and stocked up on some goodies.  I must say I am really surprised in how well they worked for us.  I never felt sleepy or drugged up taking this medicine.  I actually felt normal taking this medicine.   

Whenever we start to feel under the weather I double our Vitamin D intake.

     From left to right:  Children's Echinacea liquid (they have this as a gummy too), antinomium tartaricum (small white dissolveable balls), euphrasia officinalis, pulsatilla, and children's expec.  At Whole Foods they have a little section that contains several different blue bottles.  They label what they are used for and come in 6c or 30c.  The difference is the 6c works faster and the 30c is slow releasing.  I also have the blue bottle medicine used for teething.

     This stuff works great but tastes nasty.  Little Man would have get a really bad cough at night and I would give him some of this cough medicine and he would stop coughing.  This medicine can be given like every 4 hours but I only gave it to him before bed and in the middle of the night when his cough woke him up.  I also had a humidifier going (I run it every night).

     Pulsatilla works really good too.  These are tiny white balls that dissolve in your mouth.  Sugar Bear's nose was running pretty bad but after taking Pulsatilla it dried up for over 6 hours.

The kids had so much mucus it was coming out their eyes too.  This did a good job clearing it up.

I gave this to Little Man because his cough sounded bad but he wasn't getting anything up.  Again, it worked great for him.

     I keep Echinacea in my cabinet always.  Its a great immune booster to have on hand.  At the slightest hint of something coming on I give this to my kids and to myself.  Echinacea just helps your immune system work better.  To let you know how well it worked, both my husband and I were sick with the same symptoms and mine lasted about 48 hours his lasted over 72 hours.  I took echinacea 3 times a day and he took Nyquill.  By the end of the 3rd day my husband stop taking Nyquill and started taking Echinacea and he was better in less then 24 hours.

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