Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's on the shelf?

     This month we are going to be doing an ocean theme since its still Summer out.  My plan is to switch parts of the Practical Life and other ocean theme activities either once a week or switch about half way through the month.  That being said, here is what is on our shelves this week.

Bead stringing.  I got this cute little necklace at Michael's for $1.

Fish and Shell pattern.  I got the fish and shell pieces from Target and the paint holder from Michael's for $1.

Whale or Fish sort.

Ocean animal pouring.  I got the ocean animals from Michael's.

Open and close containers with ocean animals inside. 

Find the pirate buttons!  The pirate buttons I got at Michael's for $1.99.

Practice cutting.

     The only thing missing is the Sensory tub.  I haven't put it together yet.  I have all the parts but just forgot to get it ready but will add once I get it together.

Additional Ocean activities:

     I also found some great little cute ocean activities to do with Sugar Bear.  I found them at 1+1+1=1.

Memory game using ocean animals and color.

Matching sea animals.

What lives in the ocean coloring book.

Cute little story about in the ocean along with a pattern work.

Language Shelf:
     I also set out some new work on Sugar Bear's language shelf.  Here are some pictures of what is on her language shelf. 

If you turn your head you will see that the puzzle pieces have to do with what goes together.  I have several different puzzles so I will be switching them out for new ones later.

Opposites.  Again, I have several more that I will be switching out later.

     Our first letter tray!!  We are going to work on the letter Aa.  I will be teaching her the sound and name.  On the tray you see (from left to right, top to bottom): sandpaper letter a,  picture cards with pictures that begin with the short a sound, capital and lower case puzzle and picture card, under the sandpaper letter are objects that begin with the short a sound, and the letter Aa book which contains pictures of  things that begin with the short a sound.  I plan to teach this sound by itself and then add a letter.  I will start to combine the trays with sets of letters.  The sets of letters will go (a, m, s, t, b), set 2 (o, c, r, g, h), set 3 (i, d, k, l, f), set 4 (e, w, n, j, p) and finally set 5 (u, x, v, y, q, z).

Finally, on the bottom shelf is part 1 of my alphabet roll.  Basically, Sugar Bear will be matching the letters to the letters printed on the canvas.  My husband and I made the letters out of wood.  He cut them out for me and we sanded the edges down and I painted them.  Each section is like 4 feet long.  You don't have to make the alphabet that big, I just liked the wooden letters!!

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