Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homeschooling Room

     I think I finally have Sugar Bear's classroom ready.  I plan on getting started next month.  She's been doing some work a couple days a week but it's just been an introduction to the materials.  The only thing missing is our calendar work but that is not ready yet.  Once I get the weather bear made and put up then I think the calendar board will be ready to be put up.  Here are some pictures of Sugar Bear's classroom.   

The gate is to keep Little Man out.  There are some really small pieces that he could get into.

From left to right:
     Practical Life shelf.  I got the shelf at Target, the trays came from Montessori N Such, the glassware/ spoons/ tweezers came from Montessori Services/ Thrift store/ Dollar section at Target, and the materials on the tray came from the Dollar Tree/ Target/ Michael's.  To see what is on the shelves check out my previous post here.  Located next to the PL shelf are the Dressing Frames.
     Sensorial Shelf:  On Top are my books we read before bed.  Then I have a Pink Tower and color matching puzzle.  Then the first sets of Knob and Knobless cylinders.  Followed by the last sets of Knob and Knobless cylinders.  Finally on the bottom shelf are the Brown Stair and another color/texture matching puzzle.  Located to the left of the Sensorial shelf are the Red Rods.
     Language Shelf (located in the closet cannot see it).  This is were we will really start working next month.  Right now she has some puzzles and the Alphabet Roll (section 1).

     Math Shelf:  On top: ocean magnet puzzle, Target $1 toy puzzle, and a Melissa and Doug ocean habitat.  In the middle row:  connecting people, nuts and screws, alphabet puzzle, and a number puzzle.  The bottom row has the number roll, 1-5 puzzle, number puzzle, table top red and blue number rods, and sandpaper numbers.

     Little Man's area:  I moved the art easel out so he can use it too.  I keep the chalk in Sugar Bear's area (I've learned not to let little kids lose in the house with poor walls). 

     Little Man's shelf:  different locks puzzle, corks in a bottle work, Melissa and Doug rainbow work and an ocean knob puzzle.

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