Friday, July 15, 2011

Tot School- Little Pink Box

     Little Man (16 months old) loves to take the tissue out of the Kleenex box so I thought this would be a fun activity for him.  Well, lets be honesty I was tired of him wasting my tissues and finding them all over the house.  The Pink Box was pretty simple to make.  I took a small box and taped it completely shut.  I then drew a circle on one side and cut little teeth from the center of the circle.  I covered the box with construction paper and there you go.  In the inside of the box there is a 15 foot long fabric train (you can use ribbon) that my mom quilted together with left over fabric she had.  Both kids loved pulling the fabric train out. 

There was a fight over pulling out the fabric train.

Finally, had it all to himself.

     Not only does he like to take the fabric train out but he likes to put it back in.  He not only puts the fabric train in but other items such as: Sugar Bear's underwear (they were clean), mail, tissue, and little toys.  All in all the kids really liked working with the Pink Box. 

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