Friday, July 8, 2011

Daily Vitamins

Recently, I have been seeing posts (on another forum) asking what vitamins do you give your children.  So I thought I would write about what we take on a daily basis.  The first thing we take is vitamin D3.  We take the 2000 units because we just don't get enough sunlight in our daily lives (we are really fair skinned).  Why do we take vitamin D3?  Here is some information from the MayoClinic website about vitamin D3.

"The major biologic function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones. Recently, research also suggests vitamin D may provide protection from osteoporosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), cancer, and several autoimmune diseases."  You can read the whole information here.

Everyone gets 1 drop a day.

Next, the kids take DHA or fish oil.  Sugar Bear takes the little balls and Little Man takes the liquid form.  Why do we take it?  To be smarter!!!  DHA Omega-3s are good from your brain. 

Now, Sugar Bear is the only one that takes 1 fiber yummi a day.  She eats a lot of cheese and cheese can back you up so this helps keep things moving.

Last but not least, we take Juice Plus.  What is it you are asking...check out my sister's website for all the information you want about it.  JuicePlus
In the pictures I included the ingredients.  If you read them you will see what fruits and vegetables are in each gummy.  For example, in the above photo you will see that the Garden Blend contains: Kale, Beet, Cabbage, Spinach, Parsley, Tomato, Broccoli, Carrots, and more.  What kid is going to eat all that each day?  I know my kids are not going to eat Beets and Kale everyday.  I like that because my kids are getting the benefits of eating those foods by taking their JuicePlus gummies.  I take the gummies as well (I just couldn't remember to take the JuicePlus pills).

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